• Evan Jones

Heavy police presence monitors Cedar Village post-Final Four loss

A student lays in front of police on Grand River April 6, 2019.By Anntaninna Biondo


By Claire Moore and Evan Jones

After Michigan State's 61-51 loss against Texas Tech in the Final Four, Cedar Village in East Lansing was monitored heavily by police.

As the game ended, fans began trickling out of apartments to form a large crowd in the area. Police had earlier blocked off traffic to Cedar Village.

People in the crowd disappointed with MSU’s loss threw beer bottles and cans. As the amount of people grew larger, mounted police and police clusters on foot moved through the area.

Some crowd members eventually broke away from police, making their way to Grand River Avenue. People bypassed police to move onto the road, where they blocked regular traffic for about 30 minutes.

Police tackled and arrested one person who picked up a “Road Closed” sign in the middle of Grand River Avenue.

Police then divided the crowd into sections by forming lines and moving down Woodmere Avenue; shortly after this, the majority of the crowd dispersed.

Hours before the game started, dozens of Michigan State Trooper vehicles were parked in the Division Street parking garage.

Some police officers were filming the crowd, as well. The East Lansing Police Department said Wednesday there would be a large police presence and officers would monitor social media to identify anyone involved in destructive behavior.

The MSU Police Department, Michigan State Police, the East Lansing Police Department and Ingham County Sheriff's officers were all present.

Around 1 a.m., normal traffic resumed in Cedar Village. ELPD said it would not comment before issuing a statement Sunday afternoon.