• Evan Jones

E.L., Lubbock, Texas mayors make friendly bet on Final Four match-up


East Lansing Mayor Mark Meadows poses for a portrait on April 14, 2017 at The State News at 435 E. Grand River Ave. Meadows was the East Lansing Mayor from 1997 through 2005 and was reelected in 2015. Jon Famurewa | The State News

When the Michigan State Spartans face the Texas Tech Red Raiders in the NCAA Final Four, more than a national championship is at stake.

East Lansing Mayor Mark Meadows made a friendly bet with Lubbock, Texas Mayor Dan Pope regarding the outcome of Saturday night’s game between MSU and Texas Tech.  

The winner sends a flag of the winning team to the defeated team's mayor, who must fly the flag over their city hall for one day and provide photo confirmation.

After taking the flag down, the defeated team's mayor must sign a congratulatory message on the flag before mailing it back to the winning team’s mayor.  

Tipoff for Saturday's game is approximately 8:50 p.m. in Minneapolis, Minnesota.